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Own a piece of history, celebrate the life of a legend and support a valuable cause: all while wearing the exclusive J9 SA Rugby Legends Association jersey. The regular num-ber 9 scrumhalf jersey that is worn when playing for SARLA was changed this year in honour of the late and legendary scrumhalf Joost van der Westhuizen. Now, the jersey reads “J9”, symbolising the great respect and admiration that SARLA and rugby fans alike have for Joost’s on-field prowess, as well as the dignity and strength he showed during his battle against Motor Neuron Disease.

The J9 jersey was unveiled at Joost’s provincial funeral service in February 2017 and was first worn during a match in March 2017 by former Springbok and Sharks scrum half Dave von Hoesslin.

According to SARLA President, Gavin Varejes, “We are so touched to unveil this jersey as a tribute to Joost. His flair and skill as a scrumhalf made him one of the all-time greats in this position, and his work establishing the J9 Foundation, which supports anyone suf-fering from Motor Neuron Disease, has brought hope to many.” He adds, “The J9 jersey is our tribute to an extraordinary man and we are very happy to announce that proceeds from the sale of the jersey will go towards the J9 Foundation.”

Joost began the J9 Foundation after his devastating diagnosis with MND. The J9 symbol became one of courage and determination to fight to the end. Today the Foundation edu-cates the public about the disease, raises awareness amongst medical professionals to help them to provide better care for MND patients, supports research into MND in South Africa in the hopes of finding a cure, and helps to give those living with MND a better quality of life.

Anyone who purchases and wears the J9 jersey can do so with pride, knowing that they are helping the Foundation to continue its incredible work – as well as celebrating the memory of an iconic SA rugby legend.

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