TV Schedule


Coming up in the latest edition of SA Rugby Legends TV, we go behind the scenes with our Rugby Legends and event sponsor DSV for the 2021 KAP Sani2c Adventure Race, we welcome new members to the team – Breytie Paulse, Schalla Burger and Schalla Brits – who joined our stalwart riders for the 3 day stage race. We celebrate the unveiling of the biggest Bokke blanket ever made with the Knitwits of the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day charity and Mac Masina joins Boots for Africa to handover rugby kit to some of our Vuka players in Gauteng..

Wed June 16 17h30 Rugby 211 / Rug A / CSN
Wed June 16 22h10 CSN
Thurs June 17 09h00 Rug 211 / RugA
Fri  June 18 06h00 Rug 211 / RugA
Fri  June 18 10h00 CSN
Fri  June 18 12h25 RugA
Fri  June 18 18h00 Rug 211 / RugA
Fri  June 18 22h30 Variety 04
Sat June 19 06h00 Rug 211 / RugA
Sat June 19 11h30 CSN
Sat June 19 12h00 Rug 211 / RugA
Sun June 20 05h30 Rug 211 / RugA
Sun June 20 09h30 Variety 04
Wed June 23 10h15 SSP1
Wed June 23 12h00 Rug 211 / RugA
Fri June 25 15h00 Rug 211 / RugA