TV Schedule


Coming up in SA Rugby Legends TV this month we travel to the foothills of the Drakensberg for the annual SA Rugby Legends Family weekend in Winterton, joining Tsogo Sun to help give back to the community, share rugby skills with future legends and play some rugby.  We visit Springbok Lodge near Ladysmith with some of  our sponsors to help spread some winter cheer and we  host a coaching course for the Springbok women’s team. All this and more on SuperSport.

Wed Sep 15 17h30 Rug / Ruga
Wed Sep 15 20h00 CSN
Thurs Sep 16 07h30 CSN
Thurs Sep 16 09h00 VR2
Fri Sep 17 19h25 Ruga
Fri Sep 17 23h00 Rug / Ruga
Sat Sep 18 03h00 CSN
Sat Sep 18 03h30 Rug / Ruga
Sat Sep 18 06h30 VR4
Sun Sep 19 07h30 VR4
Wed Sep 22 08h30 VR4
Thurs Sep 23 14h00 CSN
Fri Sep 24 11h30 Rug / Ruga
Fri Sep 24 18h00 Rug / Ruga
Sun Sep 26 13h00 Ruga
Sun Sep 26 20h00 Rug / Ruga
Mon Sep 27 08h00 Rug / Ruga
Wed Sep 29 13h00 Rug / Ruga
Fri Oct 1 18h00 Rug / Ruga
Mon Oct 4 08h00 Rug / Ruga
Wed Oct 6 13h00 Rug / Ruga
Fri Oct 8 18h00 Rug / Ruga